Monday, May 12, 2008

Does Boris actually want to be Mayor ? / Brian Paddick reveals he is a natural LibDem

I have changed my mind about Brian Paddick after reading his campaign diary in the Mail on Sunday. The man is a natural LibDem - he has a sense of humour!

Give that man a big pile of Focuses to deliver!

At the Eco Build exhibition in Earl's Court. Had no proper briefing so did it myself on Google. Is it meant to be like this?

One point which Brian repeats several times is his belief that Boris probably does not actually want to do the job of Mayor of London. Fascinating. And you have to bear in mind that Brian was at close quarters with Boris on numerous occasions during the campaign...

I see that Iain Dale has made a meal of Brian's comments about funding and back-up from the party. But towards the end, Brian does praise his LibDem team:

No one can accuse us of lack of effort

Well that's the LibDems all over isn't it? We don't have buckets of cash but we do work our sweat glands out.

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