Sunday, May 25, 2008

Abroad they think a lot of him

The Labour cabinet have been having a minor nervous breakdown since the Crewe and Nantwich by-election result. As Iain Dale pointed out, Cabinet ministers chickened out of appearing on the Election night programme and Any Questions on Radio Four.

They finally managed to get their act together for Sunday AM, and Alan Johnson, bless him, put up a sterling performance.

To bolster up the great Johnster, Labour made it a "sons of the toil" double act with Presco!

John Prescott. Ah yes, I remember him. Again, a sterling defence of Brown, as long as you write out his words, cut them up into individual bits of paper, put them in a tombola machine, spin it round, let the words come out and see how they fall to understand what they say in English.

But as they were having their cosy ending sofa chat with Ann Leslie (I notice that Prescott and Johnson were sitting quite close but allowed half a mile of distance between them and Ann Leslie) and the credits were just about to roll, Presco come up with up with his coup de grace. His shattering argument. His unarguable reason why Brown should continue:

Abroad they think a lot of him

Oh well that's all right then. We'll all go along with what the French and the Germans think. I'm sure the C2s will be only too pleased to do that, Presco.

Isn't the "abroad they think a lot of him/her" argument what they said about Mrs Thatcher just before she was given the old heave-ho ? And about Churchill in 1945 just before he lost by a landslide?

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