Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome Conservative Central Office person "acting alone"!

I occasionally label up the odd IP address I see perusing these endless and pointless burblings. has often visited my site and, as it had CCHQ written all over the IP record, I labelled it up "Conservative Party" a year or so ago.

Lo and behold, it now turns out that this IP address has become the nexus of the storm which is Titiangate.

But of course, when made Titian 4 years younger on Wikipedia (bizarrely making David Cameron four years out too young with his age at death, after he (Cameron) criticised Brown for years out the other way - yes, I know, I can feel the will to live slowly sapping from me as well) they were "acting alone" (rather like that poor researcher who used a Doris Day film title for Clegg during the leadership campaign - "Don't shoot me I'm only the researcher" should have been the title of that Elton John album).

So presumably the same IP personage has been "acting alone" when they have been regularly visiting my site, and, no doubt, countless others to monitor statements about the Conservative Party....?

So it's not part of their job role to monitor the web and do the odd bit of trolling (eg casting asperions on Mark Pack's bile gland) and cosmetic surgery for the party?

Of course, not. Perish the thought!

PS. If you are using a local authority computer to monitor my postings about a certain MP. Don't worry. I know your ISP but your secret is safe with me!

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