Thursday, February 5, 2009

The return of Minder

I watched the first of the new series of Minder on Channel Five last night with some nervousness. I expected, perhaps, a cheap tacky copycat version of the good old Minder.

It turned out to be excellent.

In a way it was a bit weird. Everything was sort of the same as the old series. Arfur is Archie (Arfur's nephew). There's Winchester Club Dave's daughter. Archie's in a Roller instead of a Jag. But he still speaks that strange Arfur Daleyese ("This is no time for levitation!" was my favourite).

But it was thoroughly entertaining and well made. The actor who plays the minder chap is very good. Shane Ritchie plays Archie and isn't bad.

You can see the first episode here and it'll be back next Wednesday.

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