Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Boris geyser emits the F word 'ten times" in minuted conversation

Hardly a day goes by without me thanking the Lord for Boris Johnson. He certainly fills in the twiddling bits on the mosaic of life!

Just when you think he's got all sensible and is concentrating on mundane things like snow types (right or wrong, huge or not) the good-natured gaffe geyser which is Boris explodes into a vast spurt of life enhancing activity.

The latest Boris emission is this one:

The Tory mayor is said to have used the F-word 10 times and accused Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the home affairs committee, of talking "bullshit" during a telephone call, according to the London Evening Standard.
Minutes of the conversation were produced and circulated to members of the committee, the
Standard reported. Johnson's aides said he had used the F-word no more than two or three times and was disappointed that a private conversation had been made public.

...Johnson wrote back to Vaz saying he had fully cooperated with the committee and regretted suggestions to the contrary. However, he is said to have been more forceful in his telephone conversation with Vaz, saying: "The key point that is not getting across: I didn't give any f***ing information to Cameron," according to the Standard.

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