Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thatcher remark "not said in a jokey way" - and she continues to work for the BBC

The Controller of BBC1, Jay Hunt appeared on Breakfast this morning to explain the Carol Thatcher episode. (You know when you are getting old when the Controllers of BBC1 look like teenagers).

She said she has interviewed all the dozen people who heard Thatcher's remark and they all say it was not said in a jokey way. Those dozen people include Adrian Chiles, Jo Brand and an exceutive from the Red Nose charity.

Hunt also rejected the idea that this was a "private" conversation because she said it was said in a public workplace area with all manner of staff and guests around.

She also said that she had talked to Thatcher and her agent all over the weekend to try to get her to fully apologise with no luck.

Hunt continued:

What I find sad about the entire situation is that we have given Carol ample opportunity to apologise for offence that was caused to key named individuals. She felt unable to do that and for that reason it is not appropriate for her to work on that particular show, but she will continue to work for the BBC and indeed is.

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