Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's our time....not

I watched the final of the Eurovision selection last night.

"It's my time", repeated 2,983,274 times, is our song.

But have no fear, it was co-written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

I can feel one of my headaches coming on. The song reminds me of "My Way" which is a very powerful song, but deeply wrong-headed, in my view. It's a song for selfish bar stewards.

But I am genuinely proud to be British given the choice of Jade Ewen to sing the song for us. She is a knock-out performer and I find it difficult to think of someone more deserving of representing the country.

Jade acts as carer to her dad Trevor, who is blind, and mum Carol, who is partially blind and deaf. She worked hard to achieve a scholarship to stage school so she could follow her dreams whilst also helping to care for her two brothers.

We won't win, of course. We haven't got a bloc of supporting countries, sadly.

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