Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thought for the Day

James Graham writes an interesting piece on Radio Four's Thought for the Day.

Faith thrives best in a challenging environment rather than behind parapets. It's "Thought for the Day", not "Religious Thought for the Day". I'd love to hear contributions from atheists, humanists, rationalists, pantheists, brightists (what on earth is "Brightism" anyway?) or, indeed, just plain thinkers, poets or writers with no over-riding theist/non-theist motivation. Witches and pagans would also be welcome. And if any of them are attacking or challenging religion, I'm delighted with that.

I sometimes wonder if the restriction of Thought for the Day to religious types derives from it being produced by the BBC's Religious department. But, mind you, that department is nowadays called "Religious and Ethics" so that should surely encourage them to extend the remit of Thought for the Day.

If I could find a Facebook group which is campaigning to extend the remit of Thought for the Day I would join it.

There is only one person who I, rather mischievously, would like banned from Thought for the Day.

Oh no. I can't write it. It's Sunday. You'll have to guess.

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