Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Phillip Schofield worth three times as much as Fern Britton?

Phillip Schofield will earn £45,000 for each appearance on the new series of ITV's Mr and Mrs.

But here's the rub. His co-presenter Fern Britton, only gets paid £15,000 a programme!

And here's the even bigger rub:

This has just been revealed and the spokesman said that Fern Britton wouldn't have been aware of this until now!

Methinks the frostiness outside will creep into the Green Room the next time the duo meet.

ITV say the difference is all a matter of contracts, exclusivity and cross-fertilisation with Dancing on Ice etc etc.

But can you really put a sheet of Izal between the "Boy next door" niceynice of Schofield and the "Cosy Aunt" appeal of Fern Britton?

Update: Apologies for getting the wrong programme first of all, and casting aspersions.

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