Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reading lend dear old Nottingham a hand, bless them

For the first time in about twenty years (the last time was at Reading's old ground, Elm Park) I attended a football match today and enjoyed it. I am all for Reading helping Nottingham Forest to avoid relegation. ;-)

Here's a photo (below) I took from my seat of Kevin Doyle making an early challenge for a throw-in.

Reading looked promising in the first half but could not land the killer blow despite many chances.

As a result, they seemed to receive the morale equivalent of an injection of dopamine in the interval and came back out like losers. Forest smelt blood and scored a fantastic goal. You have to hand it to them. But then again, as Alan Hanson would say "Where was the defence?" The goal was not arty, crafty or fancy. No side angles or deflections here. It was what I would call an old-fashioned goal. The guy ran 25 yards dead centre down the pitch and booted the ball full square on the goal and it went straight into the back of the net. Wham. A "Roy of the Rovers" goal.

And then the bloke who runs the Reading supporters' North End singing machine got the hump and took his toys home, and that was it. Very depressing.

Steve Coppell is going to need all his great experience and skills to make the most of the last thirteen games. Otherwise old Sir John will be winding up an "amicable agreement" with him at the end of the season.

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