Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Media foam over one University Challenge contestant

There seems to have been an almighty media storm over one of eight finalists on University Challenge last night. From a rough estimate, the person who scored the most solo points was actually the team captain of the Manchester University team, Yeo. Well done to him. There was a chap to his left who was also very good.

Out of the Corpus Christi team, the lady from Chicago (not the team captain Gail Trimble who some of the media are going mental about) seemed to score the most points on her own.

Gail Trimble did not score the most solo points. Most of her solo points were on her subject of Latin, plus she said a lot of the right answers but they were either as prompted by their team members or in agreement with them.

So I don't know what the fuss is about over this Trimble lady. If I had to pick one person who was the best at answering the questions of all the eight, I would go for Yeo from Manchester (although the cat got his tongue in the last few minutes).

But then he has an unfortunate handicap ;-)

He's a man.

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