Friday, February 6, 2009

The really low blow in Clarkson's tirade

I seem to be taking regular lattes at the Himmelgarten Cafe. Its author Costigan Quist (for it is he) made some salient points this morning about the furore over Jeremy Clarkson's remarks about Gordon Brown.

I agree with CQ that Clarkson is very much an entertainer. He's made a living out of exaggerated language, basically. Ruby Wax once corrected an interviewer who was implying that she, the real Ruby Wax, was just the same as the "Ruby Wax" we see on the screen in her colourful programmes. Ms Wax made it quite clear that Ruby Wax is a distinctly different character from "Ruby Wax".

I think its the same with Clarkson. He has to exagerrate his language and opinions to earn a crust. Jeremy Clarkson, I am sure, is not the same as "Jeremy Clarkson".

So we should take his latest comments with a pinch of salt. And, for goodness sake, he was in AUSTRALIA! The land of exaggerated colourful language.

But just one point. The press have gone off on one interviewing outraged Scots MPs because they have taken offence at Brown being described"Scottish". But the really low blow in Clarkson's tirade is that he called Brown "one-eyed".

Now that really is beyond the pale. If he has any decency he should apologise. The only person demeaned by such a comment is the speaker himself, one Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson. Or should that be "Jeremy Clarkson"?

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