Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paddy whups James Graham's ass

I should declare an interest: I work for a major global computer company. Mind you, I also disgree with all the surveillance state nonsense which Labour has been edging forward (especially the clerk of the local water works being able to read my email).

I was alerted via Twitter to Paddy (Lord) Ashdown's response to James Graham's LDV article "Is Lord Ashdown the IT industry's patsy?"

It is worth reading the article and the response.

To be fair to James, he was making some fair points. It all comes under the heading of free speech. But I think there is a little disease which effects bloggers, which I think James or perhaps, more accurately, whoever wrote the title of the piece, may have fallen foul of here. It's called "Sexytitlitis". You write quite a balanced article but after putting in all that effort you want someone to read it, so you give it a provocative title (see above).

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