Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sex and underwear

That was what Anne Atkins was talking about on Thought for the Day this morning. (As well as being a shameless attempt on my part to get a quick hits' boost).

Recently, Anne Atkins hasn't wound me up much. The days when she ranted about gays and damned the whole population of Norfolk in one phrase, seem to have temporarily passed.

But quite frankly, I would like them to come back. If the alternative is that personage, Atkins, trying to be passionate/sexy reading out bits from Song of Songs, then I prefer her rants any day of the week. This morning's "thought" really threatened to drive me off the road with a severe tummy ache.

She even said that her favourite book is the "History of World Underwear". Ah!

If you want to listen today's (secular) Thought for the World, it's from Muriel Gray and is here.

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