Monday, February 23, 2009

The Norfolk Blogger doesn't like "Tw*tter" at all, at all

The dear old Norfolk Blogger really has got a starling in his hard drive over Twitter.

His site now has a "Tw*tter" box in the sidebar with these updates:

I am using my computer (1 day ago)

I ate my tea and went to the toilet (3 days ago)

Are you really that sad that you honestly want to keep track of everything I do ? (About 38 years ago)

Nich has also done a posting entitled Twitter? Get a life!

When I suggested he would be using Twitter soon, Nich replied:

Paul, i won't be twittering for one very simple reason, I have a life ! All the reasons people have given for using it so far centre around the fact that they seem not to have a life an like knowing the laundry details and habits of people are really are unimportant.

...You know, I think he's coming round....

But perhaps, given the vehemence with which he has stated his antipathy to Twittering, we will have to resign ourselves to a Norfolk Blogger-less Twitterdom. Shame. I would have enjoyed adding him to my "follow" list.

In fact, just two weeks ago I was as critical of Twittering as Nich. I, also (I blithely assume), had not tried it and thought it was insane.

However, as soon as I tried it for a couple of days I was sold on it. It is a marvellous tool.

You only find out when you use the tool that it is not all about (although some tweets admittedly are about) making the cocoa, doing the laundry etc etc.

Most tweets are interesting little info snippets, particularly those from James Graham, the LDV crowd and LibDem blogging regulars. It's a great way of keeping updated with what's going on, when you want to be. It's been described as "micro-blogging" and that's a good description. Many people twitter when they used to blog. It's a sort of companion to blogging, in many ways.

By the way, each tweet from Stephen Fry is priceless. They should be kept in the British Library. You can't describe his twittering as inane.

I think Nich is missing the point. You don't actually have to, and not many people do, tweet about "everything (they) do". I would have thought the average tweetrate is about one a day, if that. Andy Murray does one once a week, usually when he's just had his massage (!).

Of course, Philip Schofield is the exception to the rule. His tweeting was so incessantly asinine that I removed him from my follow list in short order.

You don't have to, and I doubt many people do, read even 1% of the stuff which is tweeted. I wouldn't for example, link up my mobile phone so I get a text message-type bleep everytime one of the people I am following tweets. That really would drive me insane.

Twitter is also a good way of letting people know when you publish a Blog post. Indeed, many people use it only for this purpose.

By the way, you can follow all the (currently registered) LibDem tweeters here. And I will be pleased to "follow you, follow me" here.

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