Tuesday, October 7, 2008

US election links

Here are my favourite links for keeping up to date with the US election:

Taegan Goodard's Political Wire is superb, for its main page and its breaking news aggregator. This is the first place I go when I do a check on what's happening in the US. In fact, I probably visit this site a bit too often for the good of my health.

The Politics Home USA page is also an excellent way to keep abreast of events and articles.

Electoral Vote has an excellent projection map and daily commentary.

The Huffington Post, or Huffster as I call it, always seems to have the cutting edge on the latest buzz.

Daily Kos is great, especially when you feel depressed. There's a great community there.

BBC News is good especially Mr Justin Webb who often makes sense of things when others don't or haven't yet.

CNN have a great politics site but it is usually a little on the "lagging" side

CNNFN - good for the latest on the stock market

YouTube - good for getting the latest ads and speeches

Daily Show with Jon Stewart - always manages an hilarious take on events

Saturday Night Live - the weekly opening sketch is a must-see at campaign time

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