Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fantastic Palin debate performance

Well, that's what I'm expecting. Based on her 20-times debate opponent Andrew Halcro's testimony, we can expect Palin to play brilliantly to the gallery tonight in her debate with Joe Biden. There will be bucket-loads of homespun Hockey Mom wisdom and American Apple Pie anecdotes from her. With the moderator effectively nobbled by the McCain campaign's salvoes about her Obama book (soon to be in all good bookshops), Palin will get the reactometer going off the scale on positives.

Don't expect any detail on policy though.

Hopefully, Joe Biden will be boringly dull. That's what he needs to be. If he errs and reverts to type, he will be long-winded, patronising and boring while spraying around gaffes like confetti.

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