Tuesday, October 14, 2008


John McCain is behind in North Carolina, which would normally be a state which votes for the Republican candidate.
Have no fear, however.
Old McCainny is not to be outwitted and he has recently visited the state for the first time in ages and is bombarding it with adverts.
Only one slight snag....however. Since he turned his attention to the state, the polls have got worse for him with vital independent voters (presumably turned off by his negative ads):
The McCain campaign has just recently started to really contest the race here, with the candidate making his first appearance in the state in five months yesterday. He has also ratcheted up his advertising, which seems to be having a mixed effect on his poll numbers. Independents, who may be turned off by the negativity of his campaign, have moved more toward Obama in the last week. What was a 46-40 lead with them is now a 52-37 advantage for the Democrat.

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