Friday, October 10, 2008

Troopergate day - update!

McCain's campaign is obviously nervous. They've released their own advance Troopergate whitewash report. Meanwhile, the New York Times gives an enticing glimpse of what may be in the investigator's report:

The Times’s Serge F. Kovaleski also looked into the matter and, under an Anchorage dateline, writes:
Ms. Palin has denied that anyone told Mr. Monegan to dismiss Trooper Wooten, or that the commissioner’s ouster had anything to do with him. But an examination of the case, based on interviews with Mr. Monegan and several top aides, indicates that, to a far greater degree than was previously known, the governor, her husband and her administration pressed the commissioner and his staff to get Trooper Wooten off the force, though without directly ordering it.
In all, the commissioner and his aides were contacted about Trooper Wooten three dozen times over 19 months by the governor, her husband and seven administration officials, interviews and documents show.

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