Friday, October 17, 2008

Conservatives: We are the party of regulation

Yes, it just looks ridiculous doesn't it? Forget Margaret Thatcher and Cecil Parkinson's "Big bang" in City deregulation. Cameron would like us to believe that if the Conservatives had been in charge they would have been tightening up on regulations on debt management.

It is just so laughable that we should all now take a break to laugh.

Stomach hurts.

Cameron says that Brown has been mishandling the economy terribly and shouldn't have let all this debt happen.

OK. So let's look back at a random time in the last couple of years when Cameron, the Great Soothsayer, could have warned about the economy and all this debt and laid into Brown's fiscal management.

OK. Let's pick....for random......Cameron's speech to the Conservative conference in October 2006.

Any mention of the word "debt"?

Any mention of the word "mortgage"?

Indeed, the passage on the Economy in the speech is a bit of a "blink and you'll miss it" scenario. Here is the sum total of Cameron's words on the economy in his big speech of 2006:

George has also rightly said that we need a broad-based economic policy, not just a tax policy. We need to strengthen our pensions system. Deregulate our employers and wealth-creators. Invest in education, skills, the potential of our people. Build a modern transport system. And we need to do more to promote British trade and investment. In this age of globalisation and fierce international competition from India, China, Brazil, we cannot afford to sit back. We have to fly the flag for British business.

Er...that's it.

And did you notice a little word there? "Deregulate". Yes. This Great Soothsayer who now says Brown should have been regulating, in 2006 actually told him and the country that we should "deregulate".

Now look at his main conference speech from 2005. No mention of "debt", "mortgage" or "deregulate" but, oh dear, look what we have here:

Everyone knows that business need deregulation to compete with China and India. Who is standing in the way? The great regulator and controller, Gordon Brown.

Oh dear. What an embarrassing acrhive of speeches Cameron has. He must wish he can delete it from the internet.

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