Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best ad so far?

This latest ad (below) from the Obama campaign is, I reckon, one of the best from the whole election period. It is very subtle, yet goes for the jugular on McCain's two of main weaknesses: the economy and his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate.

McCain, meanwhile, is airing a fascinating radio ad in deepest Virginia, on Country and Western music stations. It says: "Just as you suspected, Barack Obama's wrong for you." - An interesting choice of words, where "suspected" is arguably inter-changeable with the word "prejudged", which of course is the past particple of the noun "prejudice". Mind you, if McCain needs to spend money on changing the minds of people who listen to country and western music stations in Virginia, six days before election day, then he is already deeply enscounced in what George H W Bush calls "deep doo doo".

One "not a lot of people know that" fact: Barack Obama's birthday is on August 4th, the same day as the Queen Mother was born (although in a different year, of course). I mainly noticed that fact because my birthday is on August 5th and I got used to the dear old Queen Mum celebrating her many birthdays the day before mine.

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