Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is, seriously

This puts me in a tricky situation. It is, of course, outrageous to use anti-immigration laws to seize the assets of Icelandic banks in the UK. It turns out that the assets are worth £4billion, and they will therefore come in handy in helping to persuade the relevant Icelandic authorities to return the £3billion owed to individuals, councils and charities in the UK.

In an off-guarded and sanguine moment, I might absent-mindedly regard that seizing action of the UK government as showing some prescience and, even, chutzpah. A snigger might even emit from my person in a solitary moment. (Perhaps even a "way to go, Gordie", if I was in my cups).

But that, of course, would be terrible. So I will quickly straighten my face and say that it is, of course, outrageous that......continued on page 97.

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