Saturday, October 4, 2008

No way to treat a member

I'm grateful to Gavin Webb for sending me an update on his situation. After being suspended as a member of the LibDems, he was automatically reinstated when no charges against him were presented before the constitutional time limit. He was then elected Burton PPC by the local party and, a few days later, suspended as a party candidate.

It is always difficult to comment on affairs in another area, especially when there does not appear to be clear explanation forthcoming about the "party's" actions. It does seem that the "party" has handled this whole affair with all the elegance of a rhinoceros on heat. Why on earth suspend someone without sufficient "charges" ready to present against them? Why on earth allow someone to be put up for election and be elected by party members if the "party" did not have sufficient confidence in that person to be a candidate? It's insane.

Apart from anything else, this is no way to treat Burton party members who made the selection. And above all, it is no way to treat a fellow human being (namely Gavin Webb), particularly one who has gamely held on as a member of the party despite all this.

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