Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain's weird face and Joe (sic) the Plumber (sic)

Those were the two main features of the third US Presidential debate, which I have now watched on CNN.

Not every network showed as much "split screen" as CNN. But McCain's face was really odd. The split screen showed Obama as fairly normal while McCain looked just, well, weird. See below. He seems to think he has to smile all the time. It's perfectly ridiculous. Almost frightening.

Dave Gergen put it very well. He said that the debate was an exercise in anger management for McCain.

As for Joe the plumber, he isn't called Joe and he isn't a licensed plumber. (McCain showed as much care in choosing his hero as he did in choosing his running mate). Votemaster summarises the facts that have been unearthed by some simple media enquiries:

(1) his name is Sam, not Joe, (2) he does not have a plumbing or contractor's license, items required by city ordinance, (3) the taxable income from his plumbing business would qualify him for a tax cut under the Obama plan, not an increase, and (4) he has an outstanding lien for over $1000 in backtaxes he owes.

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