Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on Nick Clegg's thoughts at precisely 10.04pm on Monday

Now that I am reunited with a decent network connection, I can quote more fully exactly what Nick Clegg was thinking at 10.04pm on Monday (see below). Why, you might ask, was some journo oik phoning up the Cleggster to ask him what he was thinking at such a precise time? Well, apparently it is the precise moment of the day when we are at our most creative (as opposed to 6.25am when, apparently (So I am told), male hormone levels are running riot at their most bullish - but that's another matter).

So a Grauniad scribe assembled the 10.04pm Monday thoughts of a host of the great and the good, including our beloved leader. The Cleggster alleged that he was thinking about some high-falutin' economic/environmental cross-matching-type scenario. Some of the other "great and the good" types were thinking less uplifting thoughts.

For example: Alex Kapranos was discussing ladies' silk underwear. Shami Chakrabarti was having a "tortured and mundane conversation" with her husband about their Christmas holidays. Sebastian Faulks was deciding whether or not to open another bottle of wine. Sharon Horgan was thinking about an episode of "Katie and Peter".

Here's the Cleggster's input:

I was coming back from a dinner with economic experts. I began to think about the danger of the environment being left behind as the economy worsens. High energy bills are an environmental problem as well as an economic one. We have to think creatively. Why is it that people are charged more for the initial amount of energy they use? Turning this tariff structure on its head would encourage people to use less energy and help the poorest who use less already. Now there's a simple idea all economists can surely agree on.

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