Thursday, October 9, 2008

Direct from deep inside the Obama camp in Michigan.....

This exciting up-to-the-minute report comes direct from an insider working deep inside the Obama campaign in Michigan!

The campaign has been incredible so far. There are so many people helping out and really enthused! I have met families with 3 generations helping out! That is something special.

The other thing that is so exciting is the number of new people who are registering to vote. In Michigan voter registration ended this Monday, so up to that point there was a huge push to get as many people registered as possible. In the end we (as a state) managed 25,000 new people registered in a week!

On the first day I got here I went to register people outside a local supermarket. It was pretty cold, but everyone was so nice and friendly that it didn't matter at all! The security guard at the door even brought me out his sweater! Everyone I met - members of the public, store employees and activists were great.

That night it was the highly anticipated vice-presidential debate. The experienced and statesman like Joe Biden Vs the very much inexperienced ("I've only been at this 5 weeks") Sarah Palin (If you haven't seen it already check out some of the interviews she has given and the Tina Fey comedy sketches!). It was great to watch the debate with so many enthusiastic supporters!

But something even better happened, the cherry on top! Michelle Obama turned up and made a great speech! She really has talent, her speech was moving and did a great job of energising the crowd.

Well, I don't think any of my future days on the campaign could top that (I'll let you know!). Another crazy thing happened on that day. The rumour went around that McCain was pulling out of Michigan. I just couldn't believe it. Why would he pull out of one of the most marginal states? But it was true - reports in the papers the next day confirmed that he was supposedly going to pull his campaign ads.

Now since then I have seen lots and lots of McCain's attack ads so I think we have to take it with a pinch of salt. Supposedly the decision was based on some polling which showed things just weren't going McCain's way. It then came out that Palin was not happy with this decision - she has commented that she would be happy to come back to Michigan, and the local republicans are trying very hard to get her back!

Perhaps it's just a ploy to try to catch Obama activists out. Whatever it is, it's a very odd move!

Another thing that''s odd is McCain's decision to move his strategy away from the economy - clearly THE MOST IMPORTANT issue to ordinary people - and onto nasty attacks.

It's certainly been interesting.

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