Friday, October 24, 2008

A bit of a theory....

I am developing a little theory. I might even call it the "Burbler's Rule" - if I am stupid enough.

I am thinking ahead to US Election night. Yes, I am counting chickens, I know. And there could still be that major national security alert which "No drama" Obama manages to up-cock and John McRage manages to resolve without one of his impulsive shenanigans.

If, like me, you sometimes find it difficult to master all the names of the states and their political leanings (I always get Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota mixed up for some reason - and let's face it, even Russ on "Friends" couldn't remember all 50 states), you might want a little easy rule of thumb. So here is one. Well, it's not that easy actually.

If Obama wins a state with a vowel at the end of it, he's doing well.

The exceptions are California, Hawaii, Minnesota, Delaware and District of Columbia, all of which he should win anyway (oh dear that's an embarrassingly long theory-shattering list isn't it?). And Maine. Oh dear - it's not that good is it?

Not brilliant. But it works quite well for Florida, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Ohio and Missouri - all of which are on the tied, barely or weak Obama list.

I wish I hadn't started....

Basically the results come in from east to west. So for the first roughly 20 results if you ignore Maine, Delaware and District of Columbia, if the state has a vowel at the end and Obama wins it, he is doing well.

Pass the revolver...

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