Friday, October 10, 2008

Is your council stuffed?

Sky have this handy list of councils in hock to the Icelandic banks:

Barnet £27m:: Bassettlaw District Council £8m:: Bolton Council £6m:: Braintree District Council £5m:: Breckland District Council £12m:: Brent £15m:: Bridgnorth District Council £1m:: Brighton and Hove City Council said it suspended transactions:: Bristol City £8m:: Bromley £5m:: Buckinghamshire has £5m:: Burnley Borough Council £1m:: Caaerphilly County Borough Council £15m:: Canterbury City Council £6m:: Carmarthenshire County Council £4m:: Ceredigion County Council £5.5m:: Cheltenham Borough Council £11m:: Cherwell District Council £6.5m:: Cheshire County Council £8.5m:: Chorley Borough Council £2m:: Cornwall County Council £5m:: Cotswold District Council £2m:: Daventry District Council £8m:: Derwentside District Council £7m:: Dorset County Council £28.1m:: East Ayrshire £3-5m:: East Lindsey District Council £4m:: East Staffordshire Borough Council £1m:: Exeter City Council £5m:: Gateshead £4.5m:: Gloucester City Council £2m:: Haringey:: Havering £12.5m:: Hertfordshire County Council £17m:: Hillingdon Council £20m:: Ipswich Borough Council £2m:: Kent £50m:: Kinross £1m:: Kirklees Council £1m :: Lancashire County Council £10m:: Lancaster City Council £6m:: Lewes District Council in East Sussex £1m:: Monmouthshire County Council £1.2m:: Moray Council £2m:: North Ayrshire £15m:: North Ayrshire Council:: North East Lincolnshire £2.5m:: North Lincolnshire £5.5m:: North Somerset Council £3m:: Northumberland Council £23m:: Nottingham City Council £41.6m:: Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council £3m:: Oxfordshire councils £28.5m:: Perth and Kinross Council £1m:: Plymouth City Council £13m:: Powys County Council £4m:: Redcar and Cleveland £6m:: Restormel Borough Council £4m:: Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council£3m:: Rushmoor Borough Council £2m:: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council £3m:: Somerset County Council £25m:: South Hams District Council £1.25m:: South Lanarkshire £7.5m:: South Ribble Council:: Stroud District Council £3m:: Surrey County Council £20m:: Sutton £5.5m:: Tewkesbury Borough Council £1m:: Transport for London £40m:: Wakefield Council £9m:: West Lindsey £7m:: West Sussex County Council £12.9m:: Westminster City Council £17m:: Wiltshire County Council £8m:: Winchester City Council £1m:: Wirral Council £2m:: Wychavon District Council £1.5m:: Wycombe District Council £2.5m

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