Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telegraph: It's the jacket, stupid

I thought Gordon Brown looked quite nice in his casual jacket yesterday on holiday. But - oh no - the Telegraph reckons the jacket was a major strategic blunder, from which Gordon Brown will never recover. Forget the credit crunch, rocketing fuel prices and rising food bills. The Telegraph pinpoints Brown's jacket as Brown's big problem:

Truly, the Prime Minister could have pulled back from the brink of electoral disaster if he had gone on holiday in a pair of shorts and a slightly faded polo shirt.

Yes, "Truly". Of course. Nurse the screens.

Dear me. The Silly Season has arrived.

To help you judge for yourself on the question of political vacational couture, the Mail has published comparative photos of the Browns and the Camerons on holiday, with the price and origin of their clothes helpfully annotated:

Well done Daily Mail! Serious campaigning journalism as usual.

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