Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miliband grows some gonads

On Saturday I mused that there was no obvious challenger to Brown who was "hard enough" to take him on.

Well crikey oh riley, knock me down with a feather and consider my gast well and truly flabbered.

Five days is a long time in politics. During that time, Miliband has grown the gonads, no doubt from a petri dish culture, which he hitherto lacked. Bambi has bounced onto the scene. Step forward Blair mark two. A man who has the testosterone to challenge Brown and the skill to articulate a vision - indeed, simply someone able to lead - a skill Brown demonstrably lacks in, make that shovels.

I formally decorate David Miliband with the Liberal Burblings "Gonads of the week" award.

All this might be Silly Season fizz, of course. But I have just gone through the recent political blogs and there are some fairly stunning news snippets floating around (of course, their veracity may be limited, if non-existent):

-Miliband has cancelled a major tour of India in September and held a little conflab with close Foreign Office officials which had the tenor of a 'goodbye talk'. This has led to speculation that is planning to resign to mount a challenge to Brown.

-In today's Jeremy Vine show, Miliband made some platidunous noises to support Brown. But he was then drowned in laudatory calls and emails from the public saying he should "go for it" and that Brown was a shower. Miliband, rather than repeating his support for Brown, said things like "How very kind"...."You really shouldn't"...."Did my mother pay you to say that?" He, he, he. Blushes all round.

-There has been a deafening silence from anyone supporting Brown in the wake of Miliband's foray into all-but challenging the not-so-Great Gordo.

All this leads me to a point of almost uncontrollable and hysterical excitement. I must calm down a bit. I would have thought that it is fairly probable that Brown will get challenged by Miliband and I cannot see Brown winning, unless the Labour party have collectively lost the plot.

This, I would have thought, will change the landscape of British politics.

Now, where is that darkened room? I need a lie-down.

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