Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sarkozy's poisoned chalice for Obama

Barack Obama needs to be very careful. I see that ABC News reports that he has now received an "all but" endorsement from President Sarkozy of France.

This is the last thing Obama needs. I suspect there are still people in backwoods America talking about "cheese eating surrender monkeys" even now.

"Obviously one is interested in a candidate looking towards the future rather than the past" - was one of Sarkozy's statements. The rest are here.

As I mentioned yesterday, all this Euro-adoration could backfire on Obama. The people of Middle America don't take kindly to Europeans telling them what to do, however elliptically, and tend to get the hump and do exactly the opposite of what they are being advised to do by Europeans.

It is very dodgy for Sarkozy to express, more or less, a preference. He could end up having to do a lot of back-peddling if (hopefully a big "if") McCain wins.

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