Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shock! Horror! Cameron talks sense!

Cameron blunder on children drinking safely ran the headline for a Melissa Kite-flying exercise in the Telegraph. I would normally pounce, vulture-like, on such a juicy morsel. Much as it grieves me, I have to duly declare that I agree with the Camshaft on this occasion.

Accustomising youngsters to thimblefuls of weak alcohol in a responsible, adult setting can help to foster a mature approach to alcohol in later life. Then again, if it's decreed in someone's DNA that they're going to head for the bottle/gutter, then it could just grease the slippery slope for them (or at least be blamed for their subsequent demise - something's got to be blamed, hasn't it?). There are no absolutes in life are there?

What is it about Melissa Kite anyway? Is she on official Telegraph silly season patrol? Employed to make the season even sillier? Yesterday she wrote an article about Brown's jacket which I thought was a spoof until I realised she was deadly serious. The spirit of Polly Filla lives on.

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