Wednesday, July 23, 2008

David Cameron's interesting choice of factories to visit....

The Evening Standard reports that there appears to be a remarkable co-relation between David Cameron's visits to factories and donors to the Conservative party:

David Cameron is being accused of rewarding Tory donors with free publicity.
The charge came after he went to the training centre for trucking firm Scania to publicise an announcement on new apprenticeships.
Scania's UK distributor is businessman Chris Kelly, the deputy chairman of a donors group called the Midlands Industrial Council, which has given £561,780 to the Conservatives since MrCameron became leader. It is not the first time Mr Cameron has staged photo-opportunities at factories run by donors. On a trip to Sweden last year he visited a Scania factory.
In May 2006 he opened a new distribution centre in Basingstoke for Midland Chilled Foods, which is owned by Peter Shirley, another senior member of Midlands Industrial Council. In September 2006 he opened a new JCB plant in India and in November 2007 visited the firm's Staffordshire HQ.
JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford is president of the MIC and gave £ 1million to the Conservatives before the last election. Mr Cameron also declares being given "helicopter and private plane travel" by JCB.
And in March 2007 he opened a new factory for electric vehicle manufacturer Modec in Coventry. Founder Jamie Borwick has donated £33,500 to the Conservative Party and gave £5,000 to Mr Cameron's leadership campaign.

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