Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little victory for privacy

I very much doubt if I can be classed as a fan of Max Mosley, but his victory over the News of the World is to be welcomed. The NotW described his activities as "truly grotesque and depraved". That quote ought to be used in dictionaries to define the meaning of "disingenuous".

The News of the World's primary purpose was once described as giving Joe Bloggs the chance of a quiet Sunday afternoon "J Arthur".

So, for them to try to justify themselves as exposing "depraved" behaviour is laughable.

The one justification that might - possibly - have held for their Mosley expose, was that it allegedly had "Nazi" overtones. Unfortunately, it didn't. Oh dear.

So I feel that the truth and the rights of citizens to a private life have had a little victory today.

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