Friday, September 26, 2008

Richard Benyon's disappearing blog

Following on the two LibDem Voice posts on this subject, the Newbury Weekly News this week carries the following article:

Blog bogged down by political comment

NEWBURY MP Richard Benyon has been forced to take his blog offline less than a week after its launch.

Parliamentary authorities told Mr Benyon that it could break strict rules about MP's communications expenses, because it contained party political comment on a website funded by the taxpayer.

Mr Benyon said: "MPs of all parties do this, but because I had said something that was slightly lighthearted but party political, I've had to take it off."

The offending entry criticised Prime Minister Gordon Brown's speech at last year's party conference, while claiming that Conservative leader David Cameron had given "the speech of his life".

Mr Benyon promised the blog would return on a separate website.

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