Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin gaffe

There are many tales of Rock stars getting the name of the town they are visiting wrong. "Hello Manchester" going down a bomb in Prague, for example. It usually gets forgotten in the opening bars of the first tune.

But when you are a politician, getting the name of the town/city, is a little bit more damaging:

The opening was superbly choreographed. To the sound of thundering rock music blaring from speakers, several thousand people watched as John McCain's campaign plane swooped out of the sparkling blue Iowa skies.

The plane taxied to a halt only 100 metres away from the crowd gathered at an airport outside the city of Cedar Rapids. They cheered wildly as McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, descended from the aircraft and trooped through the throng, smiling and shaking hands.

Then things started to go wrong. 'Thank you so much, Iowa. It's great to be here in Grand Rapids,' Palin said as she took the stage, naming a completely different city in the far-off state of Michigan. 'CEDAR Rapids!' came shouts from the crowd. Palin ignored her gaffe and ploughed on...

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