Saturday, September 20, 2008

First day at conference

Well, I've arrived here at Bournemouth for our conference. The weather is fantastic! Here's a photo (left), which I took today from the end of the pier, of the conference centre, as I made my way to it.

UPDATE: Something strange is going on. I went up to the conference centre for the debate on the Security Paper. Instead of our normal pale yellow-clad stewards, I was greeted by Postman Pat and his black and white cat. There appears to be a CBeebies theatrical performance going on at the centre. This has delighted my daughter but puzzled me. Perhaps the start of the conference has been postponed until tomorrow? More later.

UPDATE2: Oh dear. Oh dearie me. I seemed to have committed an almighty snafu with my dates. I am informed that the conference started last Saturday. Not today.

Oh dear.

Oh dear me.

Did I miss much?

Anyway, the day was so glorious that we enjoyed a fantastic sit down on the beach and walk from Bournemouth to Poole (do you know that the tarmac on the pathway actually changes at the boundary between the two authorities?). We were accompanied by our relatives and friends visiting from Australia. My disappointment at missing the conference, due to my own incompetence, was tempered at my delight at hearing, from one of my Australian-abiding cousins, this......

You don't get Fosters in Australia. You do get XXXX, but not Fosters. Apparently.

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