Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is this ad the biggest waste of money ever?

This ad (below) really is the most bizarre thing. It was the rapid response from the McCain campaign after the Presidential debate last night. But for the end voice-over, I suspect it would qualify for Obama to say "I approve this message". It basically shows clips of Obama saying he agreed with Senator McCain. And that's meant to make him unqualified to be President? How bonkers is that as a line of logic? It actually emphasises how reasonable Obama is and contradicts the point about him being partisan in his approach.

This McCain ad is more likely to decrease McCain's popularity, not increase it. That is underlined by watching the tape of the CNN broadcast of the debate which had an audience reaction line at the bottom. Whenever McCain said "Senator Obama doesn't understand" (which he said repeatedly), the graph dropped right down.

Despite being asked several times to address Obama directly, McCain didn't look at him once and only once addressed a remark to him. Most of the time he looked away or at the monitor, even when meeting Obama at the beginning.

The cut-aways of McCain's reactions showed him bristling and smirking. He looked like an angry old man - his body language and demeanour seemed to be saying "It's obvious that I have vast experience and I know best - why on earth is this whippersnapper even allowed on the same stage as me?"

One answer which McCain gave ought to make Americans very afraid. When asked what he would do about the extra spending caused by the bank bailout, he suggested a government spending freeze on everything except defence, veteran affairs and entitlements. This once again underlines the impulsive, overly gung-ho character of John McCain. As Obama said, perhaps a scapel is needed, rather than a hatchet.

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