Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is McCain preparing to throw the world economy down the toilet for electoral advantage?

It is a fascinating question. CQ Politics notes that John McCain refused to sign up to a simple set of principles last night:

Why wouldn't McCain agree to a fairly innocuous, Mom and apple pie set of conditions for a bill? Democrats fear this morning that McCain is setting up a scenario in which he will vote against the bill, rally conservatives to his side and, most importantly, distance himself from both President Bush and Congress before the election.

It seems utterly unbelievable that McCain would vote against a bail-out bill. Surely it is essential to reach a compromise which helps ordinary Americans and has safeguards for taxpayers money? Without that the stock market really is going to go into freefall and it really will be "Hello 1929" all over again. Republicans have been sayin that without McCain's support there will be no bailout.

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