Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The huge, massive, ginormous challenge for Gordon Brown today

We are told that this afternoon's speech is "Make or break" for Gordon Brown.

There are, indeed, myriad risks for Gordie. Just think of what could go wrong:

- He could just not turn up. They announce him but there is silence and everyone looks around but he is nowhere to be seen. He has chickened out. Or he has got the date wrong. He thinks his speech is tomorrow.

-On the way to the lectern he falls over and has a "personal accident" necessitating the emergency attentions of a cleaner with a mop and bucket, prior to commencement of the speech. Gordon grins nervously and tells a few "jokes" ("A funny thing happened to me on the way to the gallows...") while the mopping up is finished.

-He forgets his script and the autocue breaks down. So he searches the shelf of the lectern and all he can find to read out is the Manchester telephone directory. He gets to the "Rs" before anyone notices the problem. Gordon doesn't knows his "Rs" from his....[no, that's far too cheap].

-He delivers his speech in German.

-In the middle of it he breaks down and starts crying.

Yes, indeedy. So much could go wrong. Expectations are so high. Perish the thought that all he needs to do is turn up, make sure his flies are fastened, shout a bit and receive a standing ovation. This really is make or break time for Gordon.

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