Sunday, September 14, 2008

McCain myths and facts

The Obama campaign has issued a memo listing McCain myths and facts:

McCain Myth: Palin visited troops in Iraq
FACT: Palin did not venture further into Iraq than it’s border with Kuwait

McCain Myth: McCain’s appearance drew crowd of 23,000 to event
FACT: Crowd-size estimates provided by campaign aides Not backed by Officials.

McCain Myth: Palin is a fiscal conservative
FACT: Palin has grown government in her time as Executive of both Alaska And Wasilla

McCain Myth: Palin has cucceeded in signing a deal to build Alaska’s long-stalled gas pipeline
FACTS: The pipeline has not been started, would take years to complete and could never happen, costing taxpayers $500 million for nothing.

McCain Myth: Palin’s energy experience will lower gas prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil
FACTS: High gas prices have given Alaska a huge windfall, passed on to Alaskans like Sarah Palin in huge dividend cheques - and Palin has backed shipping Alaskan natural gas to Asia

McCain Palin Myth: Sarah Palin told Congress “Thanks But No Thanks” on that bridge to nowhere
FACT: Palin was for it before she was against it - and kept the money for other projects

McCain Myth: Sarah Palin NEVER sought earmarks as Governor.
FACT: Palin sought nearly $200 million earmarks for the coming year.

McCain Myth: Sarah Palin has taken a tough stance against earmarks
FACT: As Mayor, Palin hired a lobbyist tied to Ted Stevens who got Wasilla $27 Million in earmarks and as Governor, Alaska has sought and received more earmarked spending per person than any other state

McCain Myth: Palin cut taxes
FACT: Palin raised Wasilla’s Sales Tax

McCain Myth: Palin is a reformer who brought ethics back to Alaskan politics
FACT: Palin is under investigation, faces a separate ethics complaint and signed a weak ethics law.

McCain Myth: Palin traveled abroad to Ireland
FACT: Palin stopped in Ireland to refuel plane.

McCain Myth: Palin has experience in foreign affairs because she was Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard
FACT: Palin has no role in National Guard’s National Defense Responsibilities or Overseas Deployments and never issued any orders to the Guard since she took office

McCain Myth: Palin sold the State’s jet on eBay
FACT: Palin sold the jet to campaign contributor at a loss of $600,000 for the State

McCain Myth: Palin fired the Governor’s chef
FACT: Palin did not fire the chef, just reassigned her to a different job - she now cooks for the legislature

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