Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain won't commit to meet with Spanish Prime Minister - is he insane?

John McCain has got himself into a very sticky mess over his refusal to commit to meet the Prime Minister of Spain (Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero) if he (McCain) is elected President. This was in an interview with a Miami radio station. However, if you listen to the interview (click below) it seems that McCain may have been confused and thought that Zapatero was a Latin American leader. Nevertheless, McCain's foreign policy adviser later confirmed that McCain knew what he was doing and did indeed mean to not commit to a meeting with Zapatero.

In the Boston Globe, Max Bergmann, deputy director of the National Security Network, is quoted as saying:

This is insane. McCain won't meet with a NATO ally, that has nearly 1,000 troops in Afghanistan, that has lost more than 20 soldiers there, has been brutally attacked by Al Qaeda, is incredibly influential in Latin America, has the seventh largest economy in the world, is a DEMOCRACY, and is a large and influential country in the EU. Won't meet with them?

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