Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Most of the Tory front bench are obese

Andrew Lansley says that the Tories shouldn't go on about obesity but makes the second speech by a senior Tory in two months about it!

Could Lansley actually define what he means by obesity? Technically it is 25%+ Body Fat ratio for men and 32%+ for women.

Now let's see how many Tory shadow cabinet members are above that.

Certainly N.Soames. But many besides.

Can David Cameron honestly say he is below 25% body fat ratio? He looks a bit blobby on holiday (left).

Lansley himself? He's got quite a double chin on him (above).

Seriously, I have spent years measuring my Body Fat Ratio and, although I look like a beanstalk, I often go above 25%. Lansley talks about "no excuses" for obesity - so let's see him taking a lead and releasing his body fat ratio numbers!
The only Tory front benchers I've seen who look under 25% are William Hague and Dominic Grieve.

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