Friday, August 29, 2008

Boris jacket button storm

It is fascinating that Boris Johnson reckons he 'took a stand' by looking untidy at the Olympic flag handover ceremony:

Chinese officials ordered Boris Johnson to smarten up at the Olympic handover ceremony, he revealed yesterday.
The Mayor has faced criticism from Chinese commentators for leaving his jacket button undone at the event, an oversight which they say is disrespectful at a formal occasion.
He hits back in an article yesterday and says that officials had pointed at him to follow other VIPs and do up his jacket.
But after checking there was no protocol, Mr Johnson decided against it.

Two caveats to this story:

Johnson wrote his article in the Spectator - presumably for money - so there was an element of singing for his (multiple) supper here.

...and perhaps this story should be taken in the same light as Boris' revelations about a huge secret stash of wine at City Hall, which eventually turned out to be a modest consignment from Peter Dominics.

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