Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weturn of Wossie

Jonathan Ross produced an excellent show last night. It must have taken some working out. Who to get on. How far to go. How much swearing to allow...that sort of thing.

In the end, I thought he got the balance right and his "pulling power" with guests suggests that his career is very much alive and kicking. Tom Cruise! (There must be something wrong with Cruise, by the way. No one can be that perfect!) And that ever-gushing and ever-reliable geyser of the British chat show Stephen Fry. Lee Evans. And. of course, what chat show would be complete without raising Archduke Franz Ferdinand from the dead for a quick pow-wow ("Did you make sure the engine of your car was checked before you went out in it in Sarajevo?"...that sort of thing)

An earlier programme on ITV (Is TV too rude?) had a jury looking at questionable clips to decide on the line between taste and comedy. They judged that Ross' question about Margaret Thatcher to Cameron (about self-gratification in his teenage years) was OK. But they decided that the Little Britain in America sketch about the two gym buddies was not OK. The daft thing is, however, that when they showed the "jury" the gym buddy sketch, they smudged out their proesthetic "genetalia". But the genetalia, which were utterly minute on huge prosthetic gym-toned bodies, were the whole point of the comedy of the sketch.

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