Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alas poor Heartbeat, I knew thee

Ah yes!

Wicksie as the lead PC.

Mr Derek as a young sargeant.

Then Mr Derek as an old sargeant.

Then Mr Derek as an old landlord.


Then Greengrass' brother, the bloke from Corrie.

Then Greengrass' distant cousin, the woman with the awful teeth (onscreen that is - not in reallife)

And that Lord fellow.

And of course, the key star of the whole lot - Ventress.

And the Yorkshire Moors of course. And Trish.

And all those women doctors who fell in love with the lead PC and then died.

And the fact that hardly anyone ever died (except the women doctors after they had fallen in love.....).

Dear me, we will miss you all!

And let's not forget The Royal which is also going. Wendy Criag. Dear, dear Wendy. And of course, dear dear Ian Carmichael. Dear Ian!

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