Sunday, August 5, 2007

Will Michael Ashcroft and the policy reviews save the Tories?

John Kampfner gives an interesting tour de l'horizon over at the Guardian. He basically says that Labour should look out most for Michael Ashcroft - not David Cameron. This is because, courtesy of the Ashcroft millions, the Tories have been quietly beavering away in marginal seats in England.

Kampfner suggests the Tories' fortunes will improve in the autumn "when the final three reports from their policy review groups - on the economy, public service reform and the quality of life - will be launched."

That's where I wouldn't wholeheartedly agree with Kampfner. So far, every time one of these policy review thing-e-me-gigs have so much as put their head round the door they have either caused vast hilarity or given Gordon Brown some great ideas to implement.


  1. The odd thing about the policy review groups is that they are producing policy options, not policy recommendations.

    It's far from clear how and when the Conservatives will actually commit to any policies...

  2. I seem to recall A Mr I Dale's campaign received lots of money from Mr Ashcroft in the run up to 2005. It made little difference, indeed one tory initiative paid for (we think) with Ashcroft money actually gained us votes.

  3. Thanks Nich - it is extremely gratifying to learn that some of the Ashcroft millions went towards electing such a superb MP as Norman Lamb!