Saturday, August 11, 2007

Public trust of Ming Campbell is growing - while half the public now distrust Cameron

Today's IPSOS Mori poll gives some interesting numbers on the trustworthiness of the party leaders.

Half those surveyed now think David Cameron is not trustworthy.

In comparison this is only 34% for Ming Campbell.

It seems that the more the public find out about Ming, the more they trust him. Since June, those answering "don't know" to the trustworthiness question for Ming have decreased by 8 points and all but one of those 8 points have converted into people who trust Ming.

Now 40% of people surveyed trust Ming - way ahead of Cameron.

Q1-3 In general would you describe each of the following politicians as trustworthy or not?

TrustworthyNot trustworthyDon't knowNet trustworthyNet change Jun-Aug 2007
Gordon Brown54379+17+29
June 2007374914-12
David Cameron365014-14-2
June 2007344621-12
Menzies Campbell413425+7+6
June 2007343333+1


  1. Yes, your headline is correct, but look at the party support from that same opinion poll:

    Liberal Democrat support
    = 15% of those certain to vote
    or 16% of the total sample

    Look at Menzies Campbell's personal ratings. He was named by less than 10% as the leader who best understands the problems facing Britain, having the most personality and coping best in a crisis.

    i.e. they haven't warmed to him as a person or rated him as a potential prime minister.

    This is NOT good news!