Monday, August 27, 2007

Guardian logs anger in the Tory ranks over Ashcroft paralell HQ

Yesterday I blogged about Lord Ashcroft causing a potential rift in the Conservative party by setting up a parallel campaign HQ.

Today, The Guardian features some of the reaction on Conservative Home to this development. It is worth wallowing in a bit:

Fears about the rise of Lord Ashcroft were expressed by activists on the Conservative Home website this weekend.

One said: "The Ashcroft takeover of CCHQ - bought and paid for by him and chums' money - is a terrible threat to democracy." Another wrote: "There's not much difference between Ashcroft and the unions at Labour...Action needs to be taken, if only to stave off a NuLab spin campaign, but, more importantly, while the parties and parliament debate party funding this anomaly strains credibility."

Another, calling himself traditional Tory, wrote: "Buying a nominally democratic party and appointing yourself to offices to which you have never been elected is indeed totally unacceptable. We need to rid the party of this pernicious ethos before its reputation is permanently tarnished."

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