Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sugar plum fairy beats Clarkson

For the past two weeks, site statistics-wise, I have been submerged under people googling "Top Gear North Pole" for which I am third search find, for some strange reason.

Yesterday was the first day for quite a while that a page unrelated to Top Gear beat "Top Gear North Pole race - sheer quality".

That humble page was Hitler and his Sugar Plum Fairy, thanks to James on Quaequam Blog.


  1. THanks James - now corrected - I was trying to do something ground-breakingly unsuccessful.

  2. Did anyone ever work out which north pole they actually went to? As your original email pointed out, from the GPS shot it looked like magnetic north. The actual north pole doesn't look much like the place they arrived at: for example, it's got webcams: see

    That naughty Mr Clarkson said at the end of the otherwise excellent prog. that the 'inconvenient truth' was that the polar ice was as thick as ever. Wrong - at least based on the evidence of webcam 2.

  3. Nice to hear from you Andrew - hope you are well. I think the weight of comment concluded that they went to the magnetic north pole as at 1996, which is also where the Great North Run or some similarly titled enterprise went to recently.

    The bit about the "inconvenient truth" is utter nonsense because one of the commenters (who seemed to be a BBC or Top Gear insider) on one of my posts about this, said that they didn't go to a more recent magnetic pole or the actual north pole because the 4x4 would have gone through the ice!